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Shopdiscover: is it worth it?
OK, I see a lot of deals here with cash back from shopdiscover.

I almost opened their card, but after doing due diligence on the web, I am having second thoughts.

1. The 5% cash back is a joke, I know that for sure ($300 max = only extra $12 cash back in 3 months). The only time I will really use it is last quarter for online purchases (I am sure I won't avoid a fight or two with their C/S about what online is or isn't). I have PenFed for 5% gas year round, and I don't shop in their other categories they have their 5% throwout the year.
2. The regular cash back is far below 1%.
3. Last, but not least, one has to keep track of their every click, and won't get their money until they complain, and sometimes they won't anyway. See here [] for a few examples. A few colleagues at work have had similar experience, and had to call them to get the money, and spent more than 30 minutes on hold.

Since people here have a lot of volume in cash backs, rebates, combined offers, you name it, SD looks like the best place to get my question answered. So again, the question is:

- Is Shopdiscover woth it? I understand some people won't mind trading pain + time for money, hence the next question:
- If you think it is worth it, how painful has it been for you?

Thanks in advance! wave