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Quote from redlegger View Post :
It looks like a solid deal of a cheap bike. Huffy's suck, but he will outgrow it quickly. In-4-1. Repped.
Quote from JackOfAllTrades View Post :
I've heard this from several people, but I bought a cheap Huffy from Walmart a couple of years ago, and I think the complaints are inaccurate. My 7 year old daughter rides the bike well every week, and we've never had a major problem with it. It does require tightening the training wheels bolt every few months and adjusting the handle bars or seat once or twice. However, a diligent parent should always routinely check the parts on a kid's bike.
@redlegger -- What specifically "sucks" about Huffy's? I remember having a couple of Huffy bikes as a kid and never had a problem with them. Yet, I also remember the same exact type of product bashing -- people saying they "sucked". Yes, they aren't as lightweight and take the same leve of abuse as a true BMX bike might be, BUT they are cheap and (at least in the past) provided great value.

Now, I will be the first to admit it's been many years... maybe they really DO suck nowadays -- I know I had bought a couple of Schwin's (always thought they were a 'good' brand) from TRU a few years back for donation -- they DID suck (broken POS -- both of them!)... but again, never have had a problem with a Huffy...

@Jack -- Wouldn't any bike require periodic tightening of bolts, etc.?
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