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Quote from el_bajo View Post :
That sucks. I switched with the Costco offer using my wife three months ago and gave different everything as she also has a different last name. I had no issues and had my previous service end the day before the new installation. They must be cracking down now. Agree on the offers two weeks later as they are essentially the same as the standard new customer offer. The funny thing is I tried to get them to provide new equipment as I wanted to upgrade to HD after being a customer for many years and having all old (owned) equipment and they would not even meet me halfway (and my requests were less costly than the new customer offer). That was what led me to cancel and sign up under my wife.

Good luck to you.
Thanks el_bajo! Strange how they will not offer a decent package to an existing customer but rather risk losing revenue and then later send a welcome back offer. They must lose a lot of business this way.

Quote from 4ML View Post :
What I did was - scheduled a move to a different address at a later date. They have no problem if you continue the old service at a new address and install a new service under different name but at the same address. Once you get the installation - you call them a day later and cancel your scheduled move.
Very clever 4ML! If I had suspected or read about this verification process, I would have been more wary. Good idea.