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Quote from KippJon View Post :
Been using mine for a couple days now, starting to notice a couple keys that intermittently won't work. (d, del, bksp) tried in both win7 and win8. Looks like it's going back for a replacement.

Also, FYI, your windows 7 key is on the power brick.

mine also ha slight "screen bleeding", but nothing warranting a return
Good luck on getting a replacement... Most people have just been getting money back because they are out of stock.

As for the person who commented on paying 1/10th for a 3 year warranty... I figure its a good deal seeing as its 3 years of coverage (about 20 a year). Also the ram is soldered to the board, so if the ram goes, you need a whole new board. The SSD is also proprietary, so its a much more expensive replacement than a normal ssd. Piece of mind for 3 years seems ok by me. Squaretrade also offers cancelations where you get back your pro-rated amount. So if after a year, you sell it, you get back around 40 bucks. When reselling, having a warranty is also something people look into, the squaretrade warranty transfers too, so if after that year, someone is on the fence about buying it, then you can advertise the warranty. Either way, at 60 for 3 years, I think its a deal... at any more, I don't think its as good as a deal, but for some, it may be worth the piece of mind.