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Quote from dealgate View Post :
I just got this thinking this would be a good e-reader and tablet all in one. Well it is not. It is a great e-reader but sucks as a tablet. They have some bastardized version of Android that doesn't allow you to do much. No gmail, no playstore, etc. Too bad the hardware kicks ass. We sent it back and got a Nexus 7. Same price but a full tablet with no OS restrictions.
Yup, you got it. It's designed for the Amazon ecosystem and is not as well rounded as say, the Google Nexus 7 or a Transformer TF300. The TF300 is a bit more expensive but offers more than the Kindle Fire HD. Yeah the Fire HD has the Amazon App Store bit us far more limited compared to the Google Play Store.

Nexus 7 is sold for the same price and if you do want the Amazon ecosystem (Books, Music, etc) then use their apps (only Instant Video has no such app for licensing reasons).

I'd say if you could return it, do so, then double down on a Nexus 7.