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I have 3-yr old twin boys with a swallowing disorder so they are fed through a g-tube in their stomachs. Sorry for the TMI, but we were tired of them puking back the crappy formulas being prescribed to them. Enter the blenderized diet and Blendtec! We blend 2 full jars of whole food (including hard stuff like flaxseed and lots of leafy greens) daily just for them and its smooth enough to push through a tiny tube. I love that the blade isn't sharp and I can throw in their daily requirements, push a button and walk away. No tampers, no babysitting, and it fits under my cabinets on the counter. When I started I had a glass jar oster that I used to blend the heck out of stuff, and then need to strain (sometimes twice) to make sure it wouldn't plug up their g-tube.

I know this won't be so extreme for most of you, but our Blendtec is literally a lifesaver! Since we started feeding them "real" food, we haven't had it come back at us--something I think about now when I look at processed foods. The boys got an early Christmas present of the WildSide jar, and it does a better job moving larger blends around. So grateful to the Blendtec company as well--very kind and generous. Smilie
12-12-2012, 04:54 PM

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