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So I missed the $5/10 Moneymaker, as the price changed in my cart. Or so I thought... Chatted them, they will give me a $10 Newegg promotional balance once the order ships.

Quote :
NEWEGGCSR: Hi, my name is NEWEGGCSR. How may I help you?
Me: Hello
Me: I ordered MX4 thermal paste a few hours ago
Me: When I added it to cart, the price was $9.99
Me: each
Me: I went through the checkout procedure not really paying attention to the price
Me: It appears the price changed sometime during the checkout procedure, because the receipt in my email is for $14.99 each
Me: I'm pretty frustrated - I expect the price I put in the cart is the price I pay...
Me: I can't believe that the price would change like that, and in the span of a few minutes. I've never had this happen before
NEWEGGCSR: I would be glad to assist you with that, Me. I show that the price difference was caused by the instant rebate. Please be advised that all prices and promotions on our website are in real time and we do not offer price protection. However, since you are a valued customer for us, I would be glad to issue you a $10.00 gift card as a courtesy. You will be able to use this gift card for your future Newegg orders, but please keep in mind that it does expire in 90 days from the issuing date.
Me: Sure. There is no way you can give me a gift card that will not expire or some sort of cash credit?
NEWEGGCSR: I apologize, but we cannot extend the gift card. Please email me at with your order number once your order ships out. I will then issue the gift card for you.
Me: Sure, I understand.
Me: Is there any information I need to include with the rebate?
NEWEGGCSR: Thank you for your understanding. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: *with the email
NEWEGGCSR: Please email me with your order number.
Me: Great.
Me: Thank you!
NEWEGGCSR: You are welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: Not right now. Thanks!
NEWEGGCSR: Thank you for contacting Newegg. I hope you have an Eggcellent day!

NEWEGGCSR has disconnected.
I obscured the rep's email and name so she doesn't get spammed to hell, but try chatting newegg up, it's definitely worth a shot.