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Got it. Pretty good deal since missing the Black Friday one. I use the Sabrent USB 2.0 to SATA to clone the drive, which is about $15.00 at Fry's. Download free Macrium Reflect to clone the drive. So much easier to use than the other free cloner software, and it works especially well if your hard disk is larger than the SSD, which it almost always is. The other disk copy/cloners have problems with shrinking your likely massively empty hard disk partitions to fit the smaller SSDs.

Before cloning the disk to the SSD, I use free Pirisoft CCleaner to clean the disk of junk (be careful to uncheck stuff you want to keep in BOTH CCleaner tabs--I think it is overly aggressive deleting cookies, browser history and many applications) and then use the free Pirisoft Defraggler to compress the disk for the smallest, fastest clone. This will make your SSD perform as well as it can.