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Quote from hightop32 View Post :
no shit toslink doesnt have a wire. im talking about the cable posted in this thread. the part where you said:

"At least with optical I can comprehend how the signal will degrade over certain lengths, but I can't possibly imagine how 6 ft of HDMI with ethernet etc is going to fail."

Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)

5 times the price? who is trolling?

again, find a 12 foot hdmi w/ ethernet/3d cable on monoprice for less than $10 each shipped. go ahead... ill be waiting.
Bro I paid $3 for my cable and this one is $17. That is more than 5 times. And you said I should google right? Ok, here you go:

A picture transmitted using a cheap cable will be identical to the picture transmitted on an expensive cable. The reason for this is that HDMI transfers a digital signal. As such, the signals do not degrade, color won't change, clarity will not be affected. In the digital world of 1s and 0s, the signal either passes or it doesn't pass. For most HTPC owners, the type of the cable simply does not matter and you're better off spending your money elsewhere. For a technical explanation about why premium HDMI cables are a total waste of money, head on to our sources at PC Magazine or check out Popular Mechanics whose experienced editors tested and found absolutely no difference between a $13 cable and a $300 one. Beware of quick Google searches that will turn up websites that'll claim otherwise; these websites are usually affiliated with stores that sell their own expensive HDMI cables and therefore have a vested interest to tell you that their cables will produce "Sharp Pictures", "Deep Colors" or "Smooth Video". []

In short, you got suckered. 1 0 1 0 1 0 <- Digital code. EIther transmitted or not.

Pwned. Now please, admit defeat and move on.