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Email'd Newegg with order information and link to the promo. Got credit back without question.

I bougth one of this for full price a few weeks ago. Put it in my main PC. My Intel SSD jumped up to full SATA III speed. Wow!!! Then another post went up the other day showing $10 after rebate. I bought three thinking it is a steal. Now I only have to pay $6.25 each! So thankful to the OP. Wish I could rep.

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Bought 3 the other days after seeing it posted on front page. Time to test Newegg's Iron Egg Guarantee. Thank you for the headsup.[/QUOTE

What would the guarantee do for you? If I recall correctly the price after coupon of the other deal was about $15. Which is better than this deal after coupon. But this deal has a rebate to make it sweeter.
It was $10 after rebate in the post that I saw.

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