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Quote from ddhunter View Post :
I presume you are part of TD InnerCircle since you were willing to pay for 2 orders. As regards rebates, you're just fine with your scheme of things but will end up paying twice the postage related costs. Rather than sending across 2 rebate applications/envelopes, you need to send 4 rebate applications/envelopes for your case.

The Belkin Ipad 1 case is worth what it is... Over a period of time, I've accumulated more than 10 of these but it keeps coming back to me for no reason Big Grin

Welcome to TD !! TD usually messes up something either in product description, rebate terms or limits.. it is just the way it is with TD.

so it's 4 rebates or 2?

how did you do the belkin ipad case? it's like 1 life time rebate for each household. i did it once last time. but wont try again because it's only good for 1 per life time.