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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the official version?
Yes, this is the only official Slickdeals iPhone App.

Where is the Android version?
In development. There is 2x more traffic coming from iPhone vs Android, which is why we priortize iPhone app over Android.

Why iOS 6 only?
There are some iOS 6 specific things we needed to make the app work the way it does. 90% of iPhone users on our site is on iOS 6.

Why can't I do X?
This is the first version of the app. We felt that this covered majority of the functionality for most people. We rather release the app sooner so everyone can use it, instead of waiting a couple of more months to add some smaller features. This isn't the final version, we're constantly going to be making improvements and adding new features.

Updated clarification on Android 2x figure

As for the claim about iOS having 2x more traffic than Android remember to distinguish the difference between web usage and sold. We look at actual web usage, not devices sales. We're fully aware of the # of Android vs iOS devices sales. Everything from our own Google Analytics to mobile ad networks [] (you can sum up Apple vs all other manufactures to get a 2x difference) to asking users which mobile app they want points back up the 2x figure and why we prioritize iOS over Android. However, we do acknowledge that Android has marketshare and is growing and we're paying close attention to this, which is why we have Android app in development.

Don't take it personally, we're a small team of developers with a limited amount of developing resource to go around and always looking to hire more people.

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