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Quote from coltrane69 View Post :
In all fairness I personally think that the lack of a rebate does make this a much slicker deal than the $60 Tiger Direct deals that have been floating around here for the last week or so.

Rebates suck, especially rebates that equate to half of the products price (post rebate). I've personally had really good luck with rebates, but it generally takes me about half an hour of my time to process and log my's just a huge pain in the ass. For the record, I'm currently waiting on two separate $30 rebates from Tiger on these drives, fortunately I lucked out and got mine for $50 each (after rebate).
I completely agree that the lack of a rebate makes this slicker. But I still think the pre-existing deal was slick too. And both of the previous Frontpage deals had a rebate. So now that this deal is here, yeah, it's slicker. But that doesn't really explain why the other one was ignored for two days. That's all. Wink

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Some of our best deal hunters are considering leaving because its just not worth the headache.

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What will you do without Ding Dongs and Sno Balls?
My favorite is Sno Balls.
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I could of swore this was another politics and economy thread.

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~ the earthquake happened in japan and the waves reached all the way to california. ~