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Quote from jaksmith View Post :
Not bad if you need it now. Frequently at $35, rarely at $30ish.
Quote from k1ngkev1n1 View Post :
where is it 35$ frequently?
Quote from Fadekyn View Post :
More at $40 with rarely at $30 this year. I just got lucky and got the $30 ebay/tigerdirect version that sold out in 10 min on Friday. So this is not a bad price at all. Especially since it's a physical card instead of a code.

Much better for stocking stuffers than printing out a piece of paper.

Too bad you couldn't price match this, since this is Neweggs Ebay account.
Quote from jaksmith View Post :
Just search slickdeals, you'll see it previously. Think it's been 35 twice since Thanksgiving.
Quote from Slippers View Post :
For the lazy: (it was actually $34.99)

Both were Tiger Direct via eBay Daily Deal and a week apart. This is still a decent deal.
Quote from jaksmith View Post :
Thanks. Also, on Black Friday or on Thanksgiving itself it was 35 at Newegg via Ebay.

But yeah, decent deal if you need it now.
Quote from calistyle View Post :
Yes, but very sparse prior to that. This is a good deal.

Thanks DJ3
Frequently is such an exaggeration. It has been twice that I know of at $35 since Thanksgiving like one of the other posters mentioned. But hoarders / fleabayers clear them out pretty fast. I cannot remember the last time these were at $30 flat. Basically the point is no one should EVER pay more than $40 for these. Groupon is attempting to sell them for $45.