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Quote from weaseltraps View Post :
Last night on the ptel FB page someone asked if the $40 topup can be used on PAYGO. The ptel rep on the FB site said likely yes. I see this morning someone said they chatted with a ptel rep who said it was only good on the unlimited.

BUT, you can use the SIMWOOT40 discount on the $40 PAYGO plan as well. The discount will still apply. We'll see what happens. I ordered the Monthly plan SIM last night and just ordered a PAYGO SIM. I'll activate the PAYGO SIM and in 150 days (or when I need credit) I will try to top up with the $40 "monthly" SIM.
Ok, before I saw your answer, I went and used the Woot deal and chose $40 topup. But now I'm confused about the sim card. Is there two different sim cards? I didn't see an option for a PayGo sim.