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Hey there! wave

Yes, someone posted the answer already..
By the way, I stopped by costco today, and these were still on sale, but they did not have any AAA's. I don't think they were out, they just did not put any on shelves at all. At $16+Tax these are still one hell of a deal, but nobody still did not answer if these lose capacity over time (not charge, but actually ability to be charged up to %100, and then holding that charge) Otherwise they had a very good deal on 28-36 pack AA and AAA duracell as well.
Check out the Amazon review [] by NLee on the 1500 Eneloop, which are very likely to be the same batteries as the ones from Costco (2nd gens, 1500 cycles) (which NLee also reviewed []). Eneloops seem to be the best at keeping their charge and capacity over time, but I haven't read up on how tests actually show that capacity changing over time (across the 1500 recharge cycles).

Also try searches on "eneloop capacity over time". I found this []and this []at candlepowerforums, and they can get pretty deep about batteries. Rough conclusions were that after a couple years in storage or after a dozen recharge cycles they still recharge to like new.

You should also ask Costco staff if they're out of an item when you don't see any on the shelf. Chances are they really are out, but if they still have any in pallets, all the Costcos I've been to make an effort to put product out.