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If you already have a Vudu account and have it linked to UltraViolet already and you want the movies.

Unlink your Vudu account from UltraViolet.
Logout of Vudu.
Create new Vudu account (using OP's link) and link it to your existing UltraViolet Account.
10-movies will be added to your UV account.
Now unlink your new Vudu Account and your UV account.
Logout of Vudu.
Log back into Vudu with your original account and re-link UV.
The 10 free movies should now be added to the original account along with any previous movie's from Vudu (in addition to any free UV movies from you may have gotten)

Also in case you don't know if for some reason you have multiple UV accounts you can merge them together into one from the UV account page (

Do at your own risk, not responsible for any lost movies, account deactivation, or anything else. Smilie