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Quote from executivedealer View Post :
That's what everyone is telling me too with waiting on Superbowl season. I've had my eyes dead locked on the Panasonic TC-P55UT50 at Costco going for $799.99. It comes with 2 years warranty Costco Concierge Service and the squaretrade warranty is $60 for 3 years, I do not think anyone can beat that. The only thing that stopped me from getting it today is issues with borrowing my girl's SUV to see if I could load the TV inside it. I'm getting so extremely impatient and I pretty much have it planned to get it tomorrow somehow. I know superbowl is feb 3 and it would probably be smart for me to wait until first week of january, but need a damn TV for the christmas party i'll have at my new apt...ugh decisions, decisions!
A couple thoughts....

I think Costco just had the 55GT50 for 1199...which is their second-best panel. VT is top, then GT, ST, and the rest fall somewhat significantly below. UT is probably a similar tv, but with a bit lesser picture quality, less quality glass (maybe more reflective), less bells and whistles, less options for adjustments in menus, etc. But if the GT was 1199...then the ST will prob be selling for 999 or lower very soon, and that tv got the most stellar professional review ive ever read (im a tv geek). Not sure if it was consumer rpts, cnet, engadget, but the pro reviewer said they had to recalculate the entire comparison because the affordability of the ST for the quality (tested professionally on many levels) was unlike anything they've ever seen.

Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if the last week of January features the 55ST around 799-899, and the 55UT prob closer to 599.

Not that Im suggesting, but you can always get the UT now to see if you adore it, enjoy your party, and perhaps return it and wait for the ST to go on sale......I've never done that, but I might if I needed to....