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For those of you who shop around and pay cash remember to use prescription drug cards. They really do bring prices down. I use the UNA card and Health Trans Access. You can check prices ahead of time on their sites and based on your location. The prices will still be different at different store but it helps you compare and you can use your pharmacy coupons as well. The drug cards have taken meds down to $10 from $70 for me(although not all savings will be this great).

As to CVS not taking coupons, they all try to make their own rules. But a good idea is to have the print out that someone just posted here of what their website says about it. If you have a problem ask them for the name and number of the pharmacy general manager for their area. The first time I had a problem the general manager sent me a gift card to make up for the coupon I missed out on. Of course it just happened again and they tried to give me a list of reasons why they can't take the coupon(Meijer is not our competitor, we can't scan this barcode, etc.). I called the general manager again and she is sending me a coupon for double the value of the coupon for my trouble. Of course usually I would just avoid CVS but I needed to get something after Meijer pharmacy was closed and where I live there is a single 24 hour CVS so there's really no place else to go late at night.

In my area with the drug discount cards Meijer is usually cheapest but once in a while Kroger or CVS will actually be much cheaper on a certain drug. Surprisingly some hospital pharmacies will sometimes be very cheap on certain meds as well. So much cheaper it doesn't make sense to go to a regular pharmacy and use a coupon. Some stores, like Kmart, will only give you a gift card equal to what the med cost and it's on the fine print of the coupons they issue(not sure if they take competitor coupons too). The great thing about stores like Meijer is they will give you $20 when you fill a $4 prescription. I pretty much make a profit on all my meds right now.

Quote from couponfairy View Post :
Depends on your store.

It shouldn't. The general manager for pharmacies in my area says the same rules apply for the whole chain and stores should not be making up their own rules.

Many stores (including Meijer) complain to me at the time I'm paying how it's a loss for them. I know they made up for it when I had insurance and was taking a $700 and $350 a month meds. Plus they have a ton of customers on expensive meds like this many of whom aren't even using coupons. And of course where I live there quite a few people who think they are too good for coupons. Half the people I offer coupons to in the store act offended. And if they are worried about loss why are they giving away free antibiotics(certain types), pre-natal vitamins, and metformin?

Sorry for all the edits but I keep thinking of points to add.

People have always said that Costco is cheapest on meds and you don't have to have a membership to use the pharmacy. However, in my area I'm finding plenty of pharmacies that are cheaper than Costco or will match Costco.

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