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Quote from TDMVP73 View Post :
Wow... I feel like an idiot. I didn't even notice that this was a splitter, I just thought it was a switch. I guess I wasn't paying attention to the item details, as much as I was to the rebates and prices.

Reps coming your way. woot
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FYI: I checked Bytecc's address on and it says that the city should be addressed as "Ontario", not "City of Ontario". Might make a difference to USPS' automated sorting machines.
Quote from gullapu View Post :
I checked the BYTECC REBATE CENTER address on USPS and it is showing up as valid address.

However I have no idea about the reputation of the manufacturer in honoring rebates.
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Bytecc rebate scam documentation
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Quote from papatoony View Post :
HDMI splitter only available for store pickup now :/
Quote from TDMVP73 View Post :
Yeah, it should be a decent splitter.

This splitter is made by the same company (Bytecc) as the switch I previously mentioned.

They had the 3 x 1 Bytecc HDMI Switch (Model: HMSW301SM).... available for FAR during Fry's Anniversary Sales and on Black Friday this year.
Quote from Bdubslawman View Post :
Hey thanks for the thread. Do you remember if this was the HDMI splitter that you recommended (AR) maybe a month or so ago. I don't remember if it was your thread or if you just replied in it. Seems like it was Bytecc, and I remember it was from Fry's for sure.

Anyway, wondering if this was the one you recommended back then?
Quote from TDMVP73 View Post :
Every rebate, except for the Merax Wastebasket and Bytecc HDMI Splitter, accept a copy of the Order Invoice.

You can scan it when it arrives and print a photocopy for each rebate.

If you are ordering both the Merax Wastebasket and Bytecc HDMI Splitter, I recommend sending the original Invoice to Bytecc and a copy of the Invoice to Merax.

I've done this before and they approved the rebate anyways.
I tested this splitter right now and it is transparent - no dropped frames, spots, lines, and it even passes through 7 channel DTS and AC3 without stutter.

Good product - which brings me to the next question - the MIR EEK!

I had stayed away from Bytecc because of all the horror stories - I needed a switch but did not get theirs precisely for this reason, but this splitter is very good.

So help me(us) out - I bought this from Fry's retail, and they give a separate product specific invoice per rebate - so I have just a copy of the original invoice for this Bytecc splitter.

How should I proceed:

1. Mail in this copy of the original invoice for just this Bytecc splitter as provided by Frys
2. .. or mail in a copy of the original invoice containing all items I bought with the Bytecc splitter circled
3. Original UPC code pasted to the rebate form
4. Send certified ($5 total cost of mailing) or use electronic stamp from USPS ($0.45 total cost of mailing). The electronic stamp from USPS is just the stamp but you get a receipt which tells where area (not exact address) you mailed to with the date.
5. Which address to send to?

I really don't want to mess up this rebate but if there is even a slight chance of this MIR causing me trouble I am out (and I have done all Fry's rebates without issues since 2007 - none of them certified, but I always tended to stay away from companies like Bytecc which had complains here)