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Responses to the common questions and concerns that people are having about the Amazon Appstore

Quote from spinnindeals View Post :
If you delete an app from your phone, will it stay on your cloud?
Yes. In fact, the best way to save an app to your cloud, that you do not plan on using immediately, is to purchase is from your browser. If you purchase through the appstore, on your Android device, it will save the app to your phone and use up that memory on your device, even if you don't actually install the app. Here are the instructions to clear out those useless downloads:

Download a file explorer, such as ES File Explorer. Open it and go to sdcard>Android>data>>cache
This is all of the apps that you have downloaded from the Amazon, that you may or may not have installed on your device. They are useless leftovers that hog your internal memory (though, of course, it may not be a problem if you have tons of memory). Clearing out these apk files should not effect how the app functions on your device. As stated above, at this time, all apps purchased from the Amazon Appstore are saved to your account, and can be downloaded and installed at any time. However, there is no reason to keep the leftover apk on your device (unless you want to keep the original file for an app that you do not want to update).

Quote from Impact-Vector View Post :
I tried to install them but get an error that I dont have a credit card on file with Amazon. Anyone else see this message ?
You get that message whenever you use Amazon Appstore for the first time. You may already have a (or several) credit cards linked to your regular Amazon account. However, when you first use Amazon Appstore, you need to follow the instructions associated with that error message. It will take you to a page that lets you choose one of your Amazon-linked credit cards, and specifically link it to your Amazon Appstore. You shouldn't even need to worry about re-entering the info. Just click the bubble on the card that you want to link, save it, and go back to the appstore to make your purchase.

Quote from alochet View Post :
is there anyway to install these without using the amazon app?
Quote from alochet View Post :
Is it possible to install them with amazon, then backup it up with titanium, then uninstall amazon app and restore the app from titanium? Or are these fully dependent on amazon being installed
These apps cannot be installed, from Amazon, without the Amazon Appstore installed on your device. Also, all apps that you download from the appstore run a check to make sure that the app matches your Amazon Appstore account (just like most apps from Google play). If you do not have the appstore installed, then the apps will not work.

Quote from spinnindeals View Post :
Can you quit the app so it isn't running?
Probably, though it will likely restart. And in any case, if you quit it, you will not be able to run any of the apps that you purchased from the Amazon Appstore. This is Amazon's method of IP protection. Essentially, your Amazon account is linked to your Amazon Appstore account, which is linked to your Amazon Appstore App on your device. So all of the apps that you download through your account must check your device's Amazon Appstore app, to allow it to function, in order to make sure that you have actually purchased the app and not just pirated a copy from someone else.

Quote from jaliu View Post :
keep getting purchasing errors. will i get charged if i delete the amazon app after getting office? it seems the amazon app is pretty shifty from some reviews. they have access to your internet and texts, and try to make all the charges.
You should not be charged. However, the Office app will no longer open on your device. Yes, the appstore does have many required permissions, but first, check some of the previously posted explanations of the permissions. And secondly, compare it to Google's permissions on your device...

Quote from spinnindeals View Post :
Does anyone know the difference between Splashtop Remote Desktop and Splashtop2?
The first one has way more reviews but the second seems newer? Both are free.
Quote from rat_slick View Post :
I am wondering the same ...anyone ?
As far as I can tell, Splashtop 2 has IAPs, and does NOT include the ability to remotely access your desktop over 3G/4G connections (hence, you can purchase that ability through the IAP), whereas regular splashtop seems to include 3G/4G connectivity. Also, Splashtop 2 seems to be optimized to function better with Windows 8.

Quote from techx View Post :
Those free amazon apps are sure alluring but I wonder how many of you know that the amazon app itself is ALWAYS RUNNING after you install it. So just be aware of that before you DL.
Yes, it is always running, just like Google Play, because all of the apps that you download from Amazon must be able to verify your Amazon Appstore account in order to function.
Quote from pdxman1 View Post :
That is a big drawback for me. It is always running and when I had it installed, it was using a lot of data. Way too much for any legitimate need. I don't know what it was communicating, but that was enough for me to uninstall it and all the apps I got via Amazon.
I think you might be confused with download vs. upload data usage. Of course it uses a lot of data downloading... it uses data every single time that you purchase an app through the appstore, because it is downloading the app onto your device. Downloading apps is not only a legitimate need, it's the entire purpose of the appstore. If, on the other hand, the appstore is using tons of data doing uploads (i.e. sending data to Amazon) then there might be a problem. Granted, my personal upload total for the Amazon Appstore, for this entire month (26 days combined), is 4.07MB. That's nothing in the realm of data usage.
Quote from prismatic View Post :
Thank you for clearing that up. This is a big no for me too. Unless amazon changes their policy I am not going to install anything from them even it is free.
Quote from SDRebel View Post :
Agreed on the concerns
Read the two above responses. It may completely change your understanding.

Quote from tommyz23 View Post :
It would be nice if these were available on the Play store. The problem with the Amazon store is the apps don't get updated as often. ie. Weatherbug Elite is still an old version on Amazon.
Very true. However, see the following statement:
Quote from plumrt View Post :
Multiple people share our amazon account apps. Can do it with play store, but you still need to sign everyone in to that account. Amazon seems like less trouble for us.
Same here. I prefer to obtain all of my apps through the Amazon Appstore. I don't care to connect the rest of my family to my Google Account and bombard their devices with all of my incoming emails and google talk messages. Plus, the Amazon Appstore has a fully-functioning and intuitive on/off switch for restricting IAPs so that the kids cannot make purchases from their devices.

If you are concerned about data usage when downloading apps, go to:
Menu>Settings>Use Wi-Fi When Downloading
And change the restriction to 1MB.
This will prevent you from using tons of data, on your wireless carrier, in the Amazon Appstore.

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