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Pretty Woman VL

Anita44 posted the missing questions:

How old was Julia Roberts when she played Vivian in "Pretty Woman?" 21
Edward originally asked Vivian for __. Directions
"Pretty Woman" star Richard Gere won a Golden Globe award for his role in __. Chicago
Edward was staying at the __. Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Edward Lewis is scared of __. Heights
Earlier in the movie, Edward took Vivian to a __ Match. Polo
Was Julia Roberts the studio's first choice to play Vivian? Yes (other sources say no)
How much money was Vivian's week worth? $3000
In the second half of the movie, Vivian returned to a__ that had rejected her earlier. Store
Kit is Vivian's __. Friend
Richard Gere was married to supermodel __in the 1990s. Cindy Crawford
Vivian and Edward match wits by playing __. Chess
What kind of car does Edward drive in "Pretty Woman?" Lotus Esprit
"Pretty Woman" is arguably the most successful rom com of all time. It made more than __ at the box office. $400 million
Vivian and Edward had a "romantic interlude" on a __ earlier in the movie. Piano
Earlier in the movies, Vivian said that __ was her favorite name in the whole world. Edward
How did Edward get Vivian to the opera? Private Plane
"Pretty Woman"star Julia Roberts is actress Emma Roberts' __. Aunt
What classic TV show did Vivian watch in Edward's room earlier in the movie? I Love Lucy
Who originally coached Vivian on manners? The hotel manager
At the end of the movie, Edward climbs a fire escape with __ in his teeth. Roses
Which show do Vivian and Edward see in San Francisco? La Traviata
Earlier in the Movie, Edward told Vivian that he hadn't spoken to his __ in 14 years. Father
Phillip asked Vivian to __ when Edward was finished. Keep him company
Richard Gere was named "People" magazine's __ in 1999. Sexiest Man Alive
In the beginning of the movie, Edward borrows a __. Sports car
Julia Roberts won an Oscar for her performance in __. Erin Brockavich
Julia Roberts had a memorable guest role on which popular sitcom? Friends
"Pretty Woman" director Garry Marshall also directed Julia Roberts in __. Runaway Bride
The studio originally wanted Vivian's infamous red opera dress to be __. Black
Richard Gere starred in the movie __, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. Nights in Rodanthe
Edward broke down the bathroom door to find Vivian__. Flossing her teeth
One of the tiny stars of __ caused controversy last year after she dressed up as pre-makeover Vivian. Toddlers and Tiaras
"Pretty Woman" premiered in __. 1990
Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starred in "Pretty Woman" together. They reunited for the movie in __ 1999. Runaway Bride
Edward's original plan was to buy a company and dismantle a __ Shipyard
Jason Alexander plays Phillip in "Pretty Woman," but he is most well-known for his role in the sitcom __. Seinfeld

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