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Quote from HenryGuy View Post :
Yea, steelseries is pro status for FPS gaming.

Ignore most Razer stereo equipment for it is subpar in construction and quality.

Steelseries headsets arent very good quality wise but unless you are an audiophile like me, you wouldn't notice the difference easily from decent ear buds and these.

These are definitely made for FPS ONLY though. The board and drivers are tuned and crafted for amplification of specific ranges of sound so that low tones like footsteps are brighter and loud tones like gun shots are more easily recognizable in a 3-D soundstage emulated around your head, instead of blowing your head off with loud pitched BADAK BADAK.

The only reason I don't buy these is because I have a great pair of sennheiser hd280pro which i got a long time ago. The headband is worn in for my oversized head and the drivers have a good burn in now and sound even better then 1-2 years ago when I got them
Perfect, Halo and other FPS are all I play online. Also, as a glasses wearer, these are perfect for me. One reviewer said that this is the only headset he's ever worn where he didn't have to take off his glasses to put them on. And they don't press against your glasses either.

Couple that with Livemix, and the fact they can be taken apart for transport, and they are a damn good deal for the price. I thought they would be refurb for $28! (though i suppose they could be and i would never know it...)

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