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Quote from smass View Post :
Not really the same genre. Xcom is a turn based squad tactical combat game with a sprinkling of base and resource management just to keep things interesting. The majority of the play is focused on the squad based combat. You assemble and equip your team, and then lead them on missions against aliens.

If you have never tried a squad based tactical game this is the one to cut your teeth on. I played the original X-com back in the day, and that original game is in my all time top 3 favorite games. This new version is much less complex, but still very fun and satisfying. Smilie
I've played this quite a bit (bought it when it was $20 earlier in December) and it's definitely near-identical to the old X-COM. There's some minor differences I've noted (this list isn't exhaustive, just a few thoughts):

- The NPCs seem to "evolve" based on how far along the storyline you are, rather than on their own timeline like they did in the original.

- I haven't had any alien base raids occur, which I'm guessing isn't in the game yet (could be a future DLC?) In the original you'd have to build defenses so if the aliens found your base you could defend against them. Definitely made things interesting when they got through and started trashing your base!

- Speaking of base, there's only one in this game. In my current game space isn't at a premium (I haven't done anything except dig the access shaft on the bottom tier) but I'm guessing in harder modes (or when you play from a more educated standpoint, unlike what I did the first time through) you'll end up packing in the base facilities to maximize your output from each one. In the old XCOM you could have multiple bases... that said, you do have to keep interceptor craft on multiple continents so you can shoot down alien ships when you find them. I haven't had much trouble shooting down aliens, but I also haven't finished the game yet--from what I hear you'll want to use multiple interceptors on the biggest ships, and I'm only playing on the regular/normal difficulty.

It's a LOT of fun, I highly recommend the game. Turn-based strategy is still a blast, and I'm both looking forward to and dreading hardcore mode. Smilie
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