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Quote from Tred009 View Post :
I own this TV and would have to strongly disagree with you... I actually returned a Panasonic Plasma that cost me $350 MORE than this and I am MUCH happier. I also think the passive 3d is easier to sit through and looks AMAZING! I prefer it to the active shutter... I experienced TERRIBLE "Flickering" with the active shutter and found the glasses pretty uncomfortable really... also, i've noticed NO subpar quality in the picture of this TV and find it a SCREAMING deal... but that's just my 2 cents ( I've had the TV just over a month)
You disagree with me in what regard, that it's passive so the number of hz doesn't matter or that it costs too much? The first is not something that's debatable. The second is my opinion because the higher end models cost almost the same.