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Quote from isleepwithgoats View Post :
Quoting maximumballer from a few posts above. Perhaps it's two different people posting from the same account. Or perhaps you have split personality, since you did quote and argue with yourself several posts earlier, but then you quickly ninja edited Smilie LMAO
'llI leave this subject alone bc it seems people on here want to lump a big LCD panel with a thin LED energy saving panel into the same family. If it makes people happy to consider both of these TVs to be the same which we all know they are not, then I will just happily agree to disagree. But for the love of god you guys cannot tell me you can't differeniate between a thin set and a large set. Maybe this is your forum and you guys like to gang up on newcomers but any idiot can go to a store and see the difference. So what if they come from the LCD family, we are talking about a newer technology with LED right? That was my point, I was comparing a LED to a plasma from the beginning not a hunky LCD to a plasma, but you guys are right. a big LCD and a thin LED is the same and cost the same right. Plasma is going to become a dead technology, the orders at my company prove this. But just a warning SD readers, these yahoos who are claiming plasma superiority really just don't get or refuse to understand that it is a dead technology they are leading you into. I really don't think they care, they just like to hear themselves talk about how inferior LED or "LCD" technology is, that is just a load of crapola. Why in the world is Samsung scaling back on plasmas if this is the way to go.Why? but these guys just like to live in their own world and believe plasma tech will be around forever. All we ever get is orders for LED components now, so that is all I am saying. Good luck SDers, with all the garbage spilled on this forum it is incredible how you can form a valid judgement. They can have the last word in, I know the real cost of plasma vs a LED,and I know a LED will last 2 to 3 times longer. The diodes we sell freaking have a 5 yr warranty from us and it is the longest warrantied part we carry. To say a high end plasma is worth the same as a high end LED is ludicrous, but by all means listen to these yahoos bc they work in research and development for Slick Deals

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