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Quote from Vaporizor View Post :
I just returned the 50ST50, all their models make a terrible buzzing noise on a lower volume, or if you will be using it as a monitor. FYI.
I own the 65VT50... The "buzzing" you are referring to does exist...but it is part of the technology not something specific to Panny.

Also, I have never, ever noticed it except when I am specifically listening for it AND the picture is almost all white... Then it is minor.

Just go to AVSForums and see what people are saying about the Panny Plasma models. Even professional reviews state basically "until the OLED hits main stream with 4k resolution...This is about as good as it is going to get." OLED will take about 5 years with enough content 4k to start to be considered main stream.

So saying the buzz is too distracting is sort of like saying that the LED black levels ...well make that Grey levels as that is about as good as an LED can get distracting.

Go...audition the TV's yourself and make the call..there are for sure pro's and con's to both LCD and Plasma technologies... Neither has it perfect. OLED is supposed to be "the technology"... But if you don't want to wait 5 years for an may want to grab a ST, GT or VT when at a good price.

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