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Quote from maximumballer View Post :
Wow you guys are seriously calling LED sets LCD. okkayyy, its like calling a plasma and a LCD a TV. How do you distinguish it by calling it by its specific technology duhhh. So why dont we call a BMW the same as a Hyundai because they both are in the automobile category. If you don't want to take my advice on the price difference to buy a high end plasma over a high end LED at about the same price, then by all means do so, but don't confuse other readers by categorizing LED with older LCD technologies. I'm only trying to help people understand how many advantages there is to buying a LED over a plasma, thats it.
There is no such thing as an LED TV... That is marketing hype. There are only LCD TV's with different backlighting methods. Of which LED is almost all EDGE only...

That is not to say there is not pro's and con's of LED and Plasma technologies...there are. But Plasma has the nod for straight PQ. LCD be it LED or other back lighting technologies can't compare. Now that is not to say PQ is the end all be all OR that there are not reasons to get LCD. Do the research but beware the fanboz in both the Plasma and LCD courts.