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Quote from teetee1 View Post :
In "Installation" tab:

the /dev/sda1 is determined at boot process (before any services are started or rootfs is mounted). I don't think pointing the / to the correct UUID in fstab will be helpful (well I have tried but failed). Unplugging all but the system drive before reboot is the only way I can get my pogoplugs to boot properly. In other words no automount at boot, the nfs, sabnzbd, sickbeard, and any other services that requires the large-to-huge external storage drives will have to be manually started after the drives are all plugged in and recognized.

and this is not just for ARMv6 pogo (oxnas kernel) but also ARMv5 (e02 pogo) behaves the same. Actually lack of BIOS to assign which drive to be the 1st boot drive is the cause of the problem but as a always on server as long as it's reliable, chance for having to reboot remotely frequently is slim.

For P21 and B01 (oxnas) I guess the best way is to provide a SATA drive (and the SATA power) and tinker with u-boot code to boot from SATA first.
wow, thanks. and all this time i've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why this thing kept dying on me after rebooting.

EDIT: got another question about miniDLNA. has anyone been able to install this successfully? i've got it installed and it's streaming to the PCs in my house, but for some reason none of my android phones can see the dlna server. my ps3 can see it, my logitech revue can see it, but i cant find an app that can see it on my phone. anyone have a suggestion?

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