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Request Request reviews electric blanket
So frustrating Frown I'd like to know what electric blanket you guys have found that lasts more than a season. I recall when I was a kid an electric blanket lasted years. Seems now I have to buy one every season and I'm getting more aggravated each year.

I've read reveiws from other sites and I cannot find a blanket people are happy with that lasts several years. Sunbeam seems to be the worst, but also the ones that go on sale for under $30 for a full size blanket. Unless I can find one that lasts years, it seems the best value is to buy a Sunbeam real cheap every year. It's coming to the point I'm thinking of cheating the system by purchasing the same color each year and returning the old one in the new one's package to the store. I hate thinking this way, but a store should stand by their product and a product should do what it promises. Any reviews I've read state dealing with the blanket's company for their warrenty is pointless.

What say you fine folks? What blankets have lasted for years for you and how do you deal with the ones that only last a year?