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Quote from nedved2000 View Post :
can this handle a core i3 2100 mini-itx system?
As other posters have noted, the PicoPSU-80 is not really meant to handle full power processors--there are large PicoPSU's for those. This one is good for Atom/VIA/E350 and possibly the reduced power Sempron and Core i3 systems. It may or may not be enough for other processors.

That said, you can always check for yourself cheaply and easily by using a Kill-a-Watt power meter []. Just check the max wattage used when under load using something like OCCT []. If you remain below 80w on your current PSU, then you should be good. When you switch to the PicoPSU, your actual max draw will be far less than 80w because it is much more efficient than a typical PSU.

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