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I am curious how long it takes to satisfy Costco that you are a new member? I have been able to get three coupon deals, but the last time, the associate told me I did not qualify after being a non-member for only two months...But that they will go ahead and honor the coupon deal this time! (I got the feeling on the prior two coupon book deals that they did not really want to do it then either) I guess this time, I will send Costco a letter and ask them for a clarification.

From memory, in addition to the Free rotisserie chicken, free 35 pack of 1/2 liter bottled water and 48 pack of AA Kirkland Alkaline batteries you also get::

$5 off any purchase of fresh meat.
$3 off an 18" pizza baked in store to take out.
$3 Off a 24 pack of chocolate chunk cookies
$3 Off a 6 pack of Kirkland 12.5 oz canned Chicken Breast
$3 Off an 8 pack of Kirkland 7 oz canned Albacore Tuna
$1.50 Off a 16 ounce package of baby salad greens (lettuce and spinach mix)
$10 off a pair of glasses from the optical department.

In addition to the above, I also received 250 My Coke rewards points, and I spent 120 of those points for coupons for 4 - 12 packs of Coke carbonated products costing up to $4.99 each, which just arrived in the mail!

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