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I've owned this TV for about 3 months now. The TV itself is great. Picture quality is stunning. Also, it's not documented anywhere but it actually plays MOV and MKV files off of a USB stick. The only "smart" app I use on it is netflix.

It does have a pretty serious flaw in my opinion, and that is the remote. You need to "connect" it with the TV before any of the buttons work. I assume this is some sort of Bluetooth pairing. That's really annoying when all you want to do is turn down the volume but you have to jiggle up the remote, wait a few seconds for it to connect, and then it works so you can press buttons.

The remote attempted to be simplistic, but it's annoying. To change the input with the remote you need to jiggle it to wake it up, go to settings, go to input, then click on one of the other inputs. It's a 5 or 8 second process when it would be nice just to click the "input" button a few times.

I even went as far as to buy a Harmony remote, but since the smart remote is bluetooth there's not much the Harmony can do. I can change the volume and the channel and turn it off and on.