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Quote from pinkertonfloyd View Post :
Meh.. Costco isn't the deal it used to be... I was a member back in the Price Club Days (Price Club WAS the Slickest of Deals). Costco lives off the fact people don't shop. Many times you'll find better deals if you look around. Also Costco sells stuff "made to Costco standards". Basically Stripped Down...

It's REALLY annoying how they push the Executive Membership, and tell you that you'll get the money back if you don't save it... (except there are exceptions... which they'll use when you try to ask about it... I calculated that I only saved $20 with it once, and they basically fired back that I "saved" money using their gas... Which as someone else stated isn't any cheaper than Arco/Safeway, etc...

Anyhow, I didn't renew last year... I do have Sams... it's cheaper, the pricing is basically the same or better. Sams is more of a stock-up store... Costco sells a lot of the designer (of course made to Costco specs) one-time buy store.

Basically... If I see something at Costco, I'll just have a friend get me in... in 18 months without... I havent found anything I couldn't find at Sams or Amazon, or elsewhere for less.
I think you are way off base costco products aka kirkland brand are rated as the number 1 store brand in america and costco is rated number with it's customers nationwide.

I would like to state I don't work for costco but it absolutely is my favorite store.