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Quote from candies View Post :
Couldn't you just say you are applying for a new membership and get in every time you go?
Sure, that's one more possibility to use. The person at the door will direct you to the Cust Svc counter though, so you more or less have to walk over there if they're watching you. You could do that, then just ask someone at the desk some generic question (Where's the bathroom?) and then just walk toward the bathrooms and go to the main part of the store. Honestly, I don't think they really care a lot about who goes in. Since you can't buy anything without a card anyway, they aren't too concerned about it.

Easy enough to do, go in, eat samples, if still hungry, get hot dog or pizza, free drink refills. Buy booze if you want, membership not required. Note that weekends are the best time for samples, after 11 and before 5. Before or after that time, there's usually no samples.
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