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Can anyone with this safe tell me:

1) How many bolts are there?
2) Where are they located? Are there bolts on all four sides of the door?
3) Are there pre-drilled holes for securing the back of this safe to the wall?

My wife and I are looking to adopt a child, so we have to go through a "home visit" process. Firearms in the home must (and should be anyway) properly secured. I have a couple of long guns that I need to do something with, and this safe seems to be a good value for the money. However, some considerations:

1) It is relatively light as safes go. If I can move it in with a dolly, it can be moved out with one too. Considering where I want to put it, I'm reluctant to drill through tile into concrete to secure the safe to the floor. I would rather secure it to the wall.
2) When buying a safe, an important feature to help resist against pry-attack is having bolts on all four sides of the door.

I have no doubt that a pro could get into this safe in a relatively short amount of time given the proper tools and the space to work, but as others have commented, that is why you have insurance. This safe would be very effective for keeping out amatures, and children. However, a locking gun cabinent would be just as effective for keeping children out and would cost $100.

I guess my point is that if this safe doesn't have bolts on all four sides, then while it might be a good value at $560 relative to its competition, I would rather invest more money into a higher quality safe. OR I could save that moeny, get a basic gun cabinet for the long guns, and live with the risk that if my house was robbed, even amatures would get into the gun cabinet. What I want to avoid is paying $560 for a safe that even an amature wouldn't find difficult to break into.