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Quote from fuzzyfacedog View Post :
Reminder: Total Defense has quite unique requirements to get the rebate. For one I had to provide the SN (reg key), which of course required opening the box up. For another I had to activate (install the software), register with my personal info, as well as a valid credit card with a $80 limit at least and an expiration date 12 months into the future (when it auto renews unless you go into your account and cancel auto renew). A pain. I need to remember not to buy these. Can't give them to friends as gifts or anything because you have to open and register and activate.

I regret getting another Total Defense. I forgot I did one in 2009 and these rebates are a big pain. Frown
Do you know the turn around time on these Total Defense rebates that require proof of activation? My rebate status shows "send for client validation" (it's been in this status for the last 10 days) and I wondering how long it takes the rebate processor to validate activation and get the rebate out the door. A week or two delay from normal processing time to satisfy this activation component is fine but I don't want this to sit in limbo while the rebate processor and "client" fail to communicate what should be straightforward information.

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