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Quote from tadc View Post :
Please explain, no XBMC? There's XBMC for Android, and this thing runs Android, right?
I have the MX2 and XBMC for Android works VERY well. It is still a work in progress, Some plugins don't work correctly and last I checked no hardware decode on this SoC so 1080p is bad, although 1080p works well on some external apps like MX Player and I believe there is a way to have XBMC use an external app for playback. I don't have enough 1080p material to care and 720p and SD are terrific.

Quote from cgigate View Post :
I have this one.
it is so good.
I sense the PC era is near end.
It really is amazing. It does 85% of what my 3570K, 8GB DDR3, HD 5570, Win 7 Ultimate mini-ITX HTPC does and it does it about 75% as well (a lot of stuff just as well). It does this for $50 vs. ~$600 and uses 2 to 3 Watts instead of 35 to 100 Watts.

A couple of more generations and I can't see there really being much need for a PC. Even now, I think these sticks would meet the computer needs of most people,