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Quote from teetee1 View Post :
systemd/systemctl recently replaced rc.d(sysv) script for people to control (start/stop/restart/check status) the services on the system.

In other words, the two commands below do the same thing:

# systemctl start smbd nmbd
# rc.d start samba
// or /etc/rc.d/samba start

the difference is systemctl works on a fully updated arch linux (with kernel >3.xx) and you can't use rc.d anymore.

Once you run systemctl start smbd nmbd, check to see if samba is working:
# ps -A | grep smbd
// to make sure the program is running
# netstat -tupa | grep smbd
// to make sure the program is listening on the network instead of just unix sockets.
and if yes then it's ready to accept connection requests.
Hey teetee1,

You seem to be an expert.
Any words of wisdom about making Samba to automatically run on start-up and also automatically mount attached USB drives?