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Quote from Bagira View Post :
We already talked about this.
We need to figure out how to edit start-up script to include Samba start-up and mounting of the USB drives.

As of running PMS on Pogo, I don't think it is going to work, not for me at least. PMS needs nice GUI so I am able to correct incorrect matches and maybe enter my own metadata to my titles and then it is supposed to be at least Core 2 Duo class machine so it will be able to do transcoding for the Android clients. I just don't see Pogo as capable of such tasks.

Perhaps some sort of powerful yet not power-hungry Linux machine would do instead of Windows. But not our beloved ArchLinux Pogo.
Ok, got it... so at least for now, No Roku streaming from Pogo... Frown
Either connect a Windows machine on LAN to keep PMS running or better yet, skip Roku and just connect a laptop to the TV (VGI or HDMI) by "extending monitor" and play movies in your fav media player directly from \\ALARM\xxx folder Smilie Smilie

BTW, by any chance do you know how to at least check if Samba service/server is running or not?
Edit: I see teetee already answered this Smilie

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