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Quote from pankajdarure View Post :
Ok, got it... so at least for now, No Roku streaming from Pogo... Frown
Either connect a Windows machine on LAN to keep PMS running or better yet, skip Roku and just connect a laptop to the TV (VGI or HDMI) by "extending monitor" and play movies in your fav media player directly from \\ALARM\xxx folder Smilie Smilie
But look, you don't have to have Windows machine attached to just one TV. Roku gives you a lot more than just streaming your local media to your screen. And your machine is a Plex server to anything in your possession, including your tablets and your Android phone and your other Windows machines. Yesterday I have streamed Blu Ray MKV from my PMS to my main room w/80" TV. Man, it was stunning experience.

Another point: have you seen Plex movie client? It is glorious, I am telling you. All the info about each movie + thumbnail. Much better than going thru the file system.

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