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The whole papermate vs zebra aside, this isn't even the best price on these on ebay! If you really want papermate, buy the auction for 5 for $5.99 instead []. lol, my have the standards for FP status dropped low these days ...

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How old are you?wave
It was barely funny when it was contemporary (right after HP deal), and not a total no sequitor, like it is now.

The bad thing about the virtual world is that, at least in the real world if this person said this "joke" in a crowded room, the deafening silence would be immediate& direct negative feedback. Here, a few go on repeating it ad naseum, literally unaware that everyone else stopped laughing at it a long time ago.

But, at least SD gave us the ignore user function now for these situations ...

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That's what she said.
lol, and then when I hit post, I see this here too now. See above.

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