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Quote from Superocean View Post :
Have you used the Costco Cash Cards before at the store? Can you use that card to get cash back like you would with a Debit card purchase at the register?

Also, question about the Costco Amex, do you get the option of getting cash back at the register like you would when using the debit card?
The Costco Cash Card can only be preloaded by someone who is a member, as a gift (for a non-member) or for themselves to use. You can put any amount on the card you wish, I believe $10 is the minimum. You can pay in cash or use a debit card to load the cash card at the register. Once the amount on the card is depleted, the card cannot be reloaded if you aren't a member. Obviously, if you are a member, you can reload the card with more money, or just throw it away and use a new one. It's not a debit card in any sense of the word, it works just like any other stores gift card.

I don't have an AMEX card, so I can't say for sure if you can get cash back at the register or not with it. I do know for sure that if you use a normal DEBIT card (Visa,M/C) you can get cash back at the register, as I do this all the time. Since AMEX is a charge card and not a debit card, I don't know if you can get cash back in the same manner. Maybe someone who has one can comment on this.
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