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Heres the thing
If you followed these steps then you should have had no problems

Are you a BRAND NEW triple play customer sign up
If you cancelled and signed up again under your own name then your probably SOL

Did you make sure whoever signed you up put your info into the best buy incomn system?
You should have given your email and gotten an automated email with the offer.
You can still get the goodies without the automated email but you MUST be originated from the Best Buy incomn system

Did you sign up then see this deal and cabe, then sign up with the same name.
Then guess what your probably SOL

Was your order changed anytime to a different offer?
Then your probably SOL

Did you go delinquent on your billing or have you have a bad history with Time Warner Cable
Then your probably SOL

If none of the above applies to you then well I hope everything works out for you

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