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Quote from SigX View Post :
if you are going to do something that offends some people you should epect that some of those people will complain and you need to be able to deal with that. i dont have a problem with what he did per se, but it is not surprising that some are offended and complained. What an idiot.
I am not surprised that people complained or were offended and I imagine he wasn't surprised either. He was probably surprised that the principal or other teachers didn't have his back, that no one said "Look parents, I understand that you are upset. But the lesson plan was about 'X,' he did this to demonstrate 'X,' and the outrage perfectly proves the lesson and what he was trying to teach. Perhaps you should listen in on or read his lesson plan from the day and use it to talk to your children about what happened and what the flag means."

But then again, these are people who whine and complain about the great "War of Northern Aggression," support a franchise that flies Confederate flags above the restaurants and is ran by a white supremacist, and attaches ~10 foot long rebel flags to the back of their trucks so they can fly freely in the wind as the trucks tear down the highway (I will still never forget the night my buddy and I saw that guy while going back to base from Columbia). So I really shouldn't be surprised too much.

It is also a place where the people love the Fourth of July, because it gives people a chance to break out their American flag-print shirts, flag-print shorts, flag-print napkins, tablecloths, plates, etc (despite all of those things being against the flag code and being as disrespectful as stomping on the flag to those who take it really seriously) for their parties.

We'll have to disagree on it though: You think this guy is an idiot; I don't. I think blind worship of the flag (any flag) is idiotic.
01-14-2013, 01:00 AM

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