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Quote from Carnivore View Post :
This kind of wired analog system can't compare to higher resolution digital IP cameras with a network video recorder, which is pretty much the direction things are going now, they just haven't reached this price point yet. If you can afford a decent IP camera system you'll be thankful you spent the extra money if you need to identify someone since the resolution is so much better.

If you're going to go with analog then having 8 channels of D1 on the DVR like this one is best. A lot of other systems only give you one D1 channel and the rest are crappy CIF.

The cameras are all fixed at 4.8mm which is pretty wide angle (low magnification), meaning each one covers a larger area but you won't be able to make out the facial details of anyone more than a few feet away.

You don't need to have a Costco membership to order from the website BTW.
can you recommend an wireless camera system? I've been doing research and haven't found anything that seems like a good buy as an overall system. I might be looking in the wrong places, but a 4 IP wireless camera setup would be nice in the $400 range. I guess I could buy 4 Foscam, but feel there are better cameras that just aren't heard of.
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