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Quote from LivninSC View Post :
I would agree with this. Maybe it's just me but I don't get how him teaching the kids symbolism and jumping on the flag should change one's viewpoint. If a firefighter lit a flag on fire and used it as an example of how to put out with a fire with a fire extinguisher I would expect there to be a similar amount of backlash as opposed to "oh, he's just showing us how to put out a fire, it's all good"...
Is lighting the flag on fire & then extinguishing it one of the more effective ways of demonstrating how to put out a fire?

Is disrespecting the American flag one of the most effective means of communicating symbolic speech?

Quote :
Simple fact is that the American flag is a symbol of all that is American. It is your right to burn it, stomp it, etc. but it's also very dis-respectable and there are consequences that come with it.
Do you honestly think the teacher was trying to make a political statement through his actions? Or a teaching statement about the importance of symbols & symbolic speech?
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