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Quote from KarateB0b View Post :
LOL no they haven't. They've been biased towards their advertisers since 2002ish.

Wrong again, the Neutron GTX, 840 Pro, OCZ Vector, and LAMD controllers are in a much faster tier than any type of SF-2281 drive/NAND combo. As these TechReport Drivebench/Filebench tests point out
The SF-2281 w/Intel Sync NAND is represented by the Corsair Force 3 GT

This is a dated drive for an average price. Save your money.
Again, quoted from the article you provided.

Quote :
The thing is, I'm not sure how many of them are going to be willing to shell out $270 for the 840 Pro Series 256GB. Similarly sized SSDs are available for closer to $200, and while they may not match the 840 Pro in all our benchmarks, they should feel every bit as fast in the real world. For most desktop tasks, the performance differences between mid-range and high-end SSDs are relatively small.