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Quote from smegalicious View Post :
And yet such national news all quote the same single, pissed off father...

So anytime someone gets "offended" by a certain message, it's the fault of the speaker, regardless of whether the message was properly understood by those so offended?
It depends on what the speaker did or said. Demonstrative flag desecration is a tricky topic. If the teacher knew more about symbolism, perhaps he would have avoided flag desecration altogether. Right now, he seems to be on the learning side of this lesson rather than the teaching side.

It is possible the parent is recounting it wrong, but that is not the claim put out by the teacher's representative. This makes me think the second hand tale has been told accurately. The event is called "incomplete" rather than "incorrect". Perhaps more context would help, but I'm not sure how much. If anything it probably makes it worse on the teacher not understanding how symbols work front.

Maybe he said "I love America. It's the best! It's the coolest country in the history of countries. Now if I take this colored piece of cloth and stomp on it, that doesn't mean anything. It's just a cloth and who cares? AMERICA IS AWESOME!"

I don't know. It still sounds like he made a pretty big mistake.
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