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Quote from sick97ss View Post :
I went to my local costco because this item does not exist online at a reasonable price. I am not a Costco member.
Talked to the customer services desk, gave her the item number and she said they have ONE LEFT IN STOCK. I said Horray! it was destiny!, what do i have to do? pay a surcharge or something?

she said "i cant let you buy it without a membership but lets get one started for you! ($55+ yr). and BTW the non-member sucharge is for BJs Club."

i said how about i just give it to a real member standing in line and pay them cash. She said costco has strict policies about doing that. "sorry have a nice day"
i left pissed. feeling empty, a hollowed man...

so im standing there trying to give them my hard earned cash and they treat me like i'm an alien visitor from uranus or something.

As we say in the tennis biz: "Sometime zee ball go IN...sometime zee ball go OUT". I wonder if they'll miss you. On the other hand, you could glue together three of the Meritline cheapies that come around from time to time.Big Grin